Work Example 1

Customer currently has Sky+ in his front room. He wanted to watch and control sky in the back room and in two bedrooms upstairs. He also wanted the sky box moved to the back room, and the aerial cable routing from the kitchen to the back room.

Wired with coax or Wireless video sender

Wired option chosen. Cable route agreed with customer. Holes drilled where required internally, cable then extended to various rooms. Plugs and connectors fixed to ends of cable and connected to 4 way amp/splitter, magic eye devices and new sky+ remote controls supplied to each room. Customer can now watch and control Sky+ from 4 rooms in his house.

Work example 2

Customer has Virgin V+ in lounge and currently it is wired to his bedroom via the rf socket. He wanted to be able to change channel whilst in the bedroom.

wireless Remote extender or use of link system

Link system chosen. Magic eye fitted in bedroom, link unit fitted in lounge. New V+ remote supplied for use in bedroom. Customer can now watch and control V+ from 2 rooms.

Work example 3

Customer has european satellite system in lounge. broadcaster recently advised that transmission would switch from the Hotbird 6 satellite to the Eurobird 9 satellite.

re-align dish to pick up Eurobird 9 Satellite.

Dish was re-aligned to the eurobird 9 Satellite, and the receiver box was updated. Customer can now watch his satellite channels as before.

Customer wanted to watch channels on Hotbird and Eurobird and requested a monoblock lnb be fitted to his dish. A 4 degree monoblock was fitted to the dish and the customer can now watch channels on both Hotbird and Eurobird.

Work example 4

  • Customer has rooftop aerial but no coax connected to it and requires an aerial feed to 2 rooms.
  • Customer wants to get SkyHD multiroom (to be installed by SKY) and have the picture from 1 of the HD boxes distributed to 4 other rooms.
  • Customer requires phone extension sockets to be fitted in 2 rooms, 1 for each SkyHD box.
  • Customer also wants 4 TV brackets installing for flat screen televisions.
  • Customer requires 2 separate surround sound systems to be set up, along with other AV equipment including a Blu-Ray player, DVD players and a Games console.

All cabling must be discreet and where necessary should be run through the integral garage or through basement space to reduce any visible internal wiring. Solution:
  • New masthead amplifier was fitted to aerial mast and 2 runs of coax were fed from this to the 2 rooms, with the power supply mounted in the garage.
  • A 4 way distribution amplifier fitted in garage and coax run to kitchen (through the basement) and 3 bedrooms. TvLinks were connected in each room and additional SkyHD remote controls were provided for the 4 rooms.
  • There were 2 phone extension sockets fitted, 1 in each of the rooms, ready to connect to the Sky HD boxes.
  • There were 4 TV brackets installed, 1 in each of the 3 bedrooms and 1 in the kitchen for a 40" plasma tv.
  • All additional connections, cabling and setting up was undertaken and the customer can now watch and control SkyHD in 6 rooms in his house.